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I still act like a kid.. something wrong with me?


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Okay so here me out.. I'm an 18 year old guy in high school. Even though my body looks like a full grown man, mentally, I feel like i'm 12. I don't do ANYTHING that a normal teenager does. I don't have a job, I never had a girlfriend, I don't go to parties or drink or smoke or anything, I have my licence but NEVER drive, I don't do any activities after school... basically I enjoy myself by coming home from school, getting in my pajamas, and watching TV for hours. Everyone else in my grade is concentrating on what college they are going to, and what their careers will be... I don't even THINK about that stuff, because I still feel like a little kid. I don't even have a sex drive yet, and I've never had a desire for sex. Do you think that eventually my mind will mature to where it should be? Because I feel like I am YEARS behind everybody else my age. I relate better to 13 year old kids better than kids my own age. I remember when all of my other friends started getting interested in sex, beer, and all the stuff that teens like, I couldn't even understand it. I just wanted to play outside all day, like a little kid. Why am I like this? I don't have a desire to do ANYTHING that other kids my age do. I still feel like a little boy, even though I'm 18. I wouldn't say I'm AFRAID of growing up, because nothing really scares me.. I just don't care about it. Am I just really immature mentally, and I will catch up with everyone else? or is there something wrong with me?

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