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Hero Worshipping or Gay?


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I'm a teenage guy and for the past year I think that I've been "worshipping" a few older guys, as in I want to be exactly like them, because they are "the man"... and all of that. I also want to be around them all the time. But sometimes I can't tell if I'm just worshipping them because I want to be like them, or if I'm gay and I am in love with them or something... how can I know the difference??

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi OCDme123,

Well, the difference between hero worship and sex, and at your age hero worship is to be expected, is that when its sexual you can feel it in your genitals. Does that make sense??


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On a related note I do not really recall ever having heroes to look up to save for characters in stories. But, even among such characters, each carried a particular feature that I admired. I suppose I have always been interested in others who can find some sort of singular 'vehicle' or being who could possess all of the admirable traits necessary to be the subject of 'worship'.

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