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Does this make me narcissist??


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ok so I'm a teenage guy.. and I've always had somewhat of a hatred towards women. I've always only seen them as sex objects, and have never considered them people with feelings (i know this is bad). I've always put women below me, and I've always put other guys above me, sort of worshipping them. It seems like anything macho and masculine I worship and respect, and anything about women I hate and don't consider important. I can't say I've ever had any real friends who were girls, and I don't even like my own mother half of the time. Meanwhile, I respect my guys friends so much and I respect everything about my father. Why do I have this sort of hatred towards women??? I read somewhere that this is a symptom of narcissism... so based on this, would you say I'm a narcissist?? or what else could this be? because i know this is a big issue..

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Just because someone may have a trait of something founds in the DSM - which we all do - does not mean you should be diagnosing this as an all or none. I guess i would just think to begin to explore where the unusual thought about women and men come from. Being a teenager makes the whole situation even more complicated, with the search for so many new things. It is interesting that you wnat to be close but don't let anyone get to know you - Where does this come from? Just some questions to think on - or not.

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You're a teenager.

I remember growing up being brainwashed into thinking guys were better then girls and segregating ourselves....then we discover sex.

I think you're still living in that world of group identity and only seeing the perceived inferiority of people outside of your tight little group. It is narcissism, but adolescent narcissism. If you don't expand your interests and acceptance it'll could turn into misogyny.

I think most of that behavior revolves around performance anxiety, perfectionism, issues of dominance.....and other hierarchical behavior that is little more then lord of the flies behavior. It's like Taliban behavior.

Some of the most irresponsible and irrational people I've ever known have been men. So, I don't really identify with a 'group'.

I think a lot of men are performance driven....at the risk of being mentally ill and unjust.

That's my 2 cents. Just based on personal experience.

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Hi OCDme,

Maybe the way you deal with girls and boys, men and women has a lot to do with your own relationship with your mother and father. Did you ever think about that?

But then you're a teenager, and that fact alone means that whatever you're feeling right now, you still could grow out of it. I don't know if this helps.

One more thing, the fact that you are aware of this is a good thing. Don't stop looking for answers.

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