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BiPolar Disorder and Hashimoto's Disease


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[*]Do you have a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and Hashimoto's Disease?

[*]Which were you diagnosed with initially?

[*]What medication do you take? Do they help?

[*]Do you also have an Anxiety Disorder?

[*]Are you type I or type II Bipolar?

[*]What is it like living with both of these disorders? How do you survive?

I am a 39 years old Musician and have a dual diagnosis of Bipolar II and Hashimoto's Disease. BiPolar was diagnosed initially. I also have an anxiety disorder.

I find the most dibilitating thing on a day to day basis is the tiredness associated with Hashimoto's Disease. I take both Quetiapine and Amitriptyline for BiPolar which helps to control mood swings.

I'm also interested in knowing if you have an 'artistic' temperament. Do you find that BiPolar Disorder is actually a help to your creativity?

Please use this thread to contribute your story. What advise can you bring to the forum which my help sufferers?

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Hi - only just joined today but when I saw your message I thought I'd write a comment about artistic temperament. It's a much nicer name than bipolar depression. Kind of romantic, but I think it might be dangerous. I'm not sure all artists have it anyway... I just know I'm a fairly average writer of fiction and poetry, and for me there would be a danger in calling my depression an artistic temperament, because then I might be tempted to use that as an excuse for my bad behaviour. I have a friend who does that with his 'star sign' whenever he lashes out at people: "Sorry, I'm really rude at times - I'm a scorpio..." That kind of thing. I think BP gives people a heightened sense of self and environment, and that might spark off creativity. It also sparks off anxiety and not being able to switch off, so we burn the midnight oil and that might lead us to put pen to paper to pass the time... Don't know what you think of my comments - hope I'm making sense. Just some ideas...

All the best, Jannew

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Yes joylesswonderingwhy - sometimes I write frantically, other times I get a complete fog. It's like with everything, even things like cooking. One day I spend ages doing something really nice to eat, other days it's down to the chip shop. People say I'm inconsistent. I think everyone is, just about, but I have bigger highs and lows. When I'm good, I'm very, very good - when I'm bad, I'm horrid!

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