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Hi everyone. I am new to the board and wanted to start a thread concerning issues pertaining to OCD and BDD (body dysmorphic disorder). I have both. I have been CBT therapy for a couple years and it has made all the difference in the world to me. Its been a roller coaster ride (without seat belts mind you) through it all, but I feel I am coming to the end...only to realize that if I don't keep working through, I will have to get back on again. So, through these entries, I am hoping to work out issues that pop into my head, and use my techniques to let go of the thoughts and not let them impede my life. If it starts to sound like a journal, I am sorry. Please reply anytime as I really enjoy talking things through. Cheers!

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Hi and welcome lanak-

I think it would be great for you to do some CBT type writing. I think we have a lot of people in our community that haven't been exposed to those types of techniques, and could really benefit from seeing them in action. And, as I used to tell my clients, your toolbox of CBT skills will get very rusty if you don't continually use them.

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Would anyone like to do some CBT cognitive reframing practice here in the community? The way I'm seeing it done, someone posts some automatic thoughts they've recorded and their disputes, and people here help offer kind constructive criticism to help the process stay on track. So often, people get the process wrong in the begining, mostly becuase they confuse feelings and thoughts, or becuase they don't address the core thoughts, or dispute in a superficial way that they don't really believe in. What normally happens is that the therapist will offer constructive criticims as part of the therapy, but we could do that here to a limited extent too, and I think it could work out well.

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