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This May Not Help You Sleep

Guest GingerSnap

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Guest GingerSnap

These are my tips for getting a good night's sleep: Always take a walk in the evening and walk more if you can as it really does help - fresh air! Also, there are teas that you can buy like Sleep Time teas that help too. Getting physical exercise will help and learning to just let it go - I always visual that whatever is troubling me as being tightly in my hand and then I just open my hand and release it - well, it works for me. Also, you need to not eat before going to bed, shut off the electronic stimuli (maybe read a book, just have some quiet time) and keep regular hours of sleep. I use Melatonin to reset the "clock" for my son with Down syndrome when he gets so he isn't sleeping. I know if you have really big problems that this may seem silly and worthless but you must start somewhere, right?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Gingersnap,

I want to reassure you that, even if a person has big problems, your suggestions for sleep are Excellent and do help.

I also find that reading a book helps. But, if the book is some type of mystery or adventure, I can get too excited and end up staying up late reading. A "boring book" helps. Of course, if you are a High School or College student, there should be no trouble sleeping because so many of the books are boring, especially the TextBooks!!! Yuck, what a bore.:)

Allan :)

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