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alcohol and impact on the liver


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Hi PatPaul-

I am an RN and I would say that there is no pat answer to your question. I am left wondering why you ask. In at least one previous post, you say you are an alcoholic in recovery (3 months at that time) and I wonder if you are concerned that you may have harmed your liver. If so, I suggest you see a physician who can run blood tests to see if your hepatic (liver) function is normal.

By the way, I am a gambling and prescription drug addict in recovery (5 years) and I found that when I stopped practicing my addictions, my lifelong depression went away without medication of any kind. You may not get this good of an outcome from sobriety but I can tell you that stopping drinking is the best thing you can do for depression. Just drinking excessively can itself cause depression.

I wish you well in your recovery.


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At one point, I was drinking a couple of quarts or more a day. My eyes turned yellow, my skin took on a yellowish tint. My urine was very dark and my sweat was sickeningly sweet.

Once I quit drinking, it took a few months before my Bilirubin levels came back to normal. I never approached that level of drinking again.

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