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Can't Find A Place To Post This:(


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God Where Were You?

God Where Were You When I Was Crying?

Deep Inside I'm Still Dieing..

God Where Were You When I Was On The Ground?

I Try So Hard To Pray.. But Your Not Around..

God Where Were You When I Needed Love?

All I Ever Got Was A Hard Shove..

I Needed Someone To Hold Me Tight.. Show Me Love& Take Away My Fright.

But Here I Am Alone...

Wishing I Was Dead With Every Bone...

God Where Were You When I Had My Knife?

The Only Thing I Could Think Of Was Taking My Life...

God Where Were You When I Needed A Friend?

And Something That Wasn't Pretend?

God Where Were You When I Was Scared??

And Felt Like No One Cared?

God Where Were You When I Was On My Hands And Knees??

Begging You For Help....?


Xo BabyGirl

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Babygirl,

We are very worried about you. All of us want you very much to go to the hospital to check yourself in so that you can get the help you need for this deep depression. Can you do that and do you have anyone to go with you?

Can you call 911 and tell them how hopeless you feel and in need of help?


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Guest GingerSnap

Baby Girl: I believe that God works through others and when you have physical/mental health issues, he works through the people providing those services. Sure, praying helps, always helps but listen closely to see if he isn't maybe speaking through A. Schwartz directing you to the assistance that you need to feel better and waiting to direct those that you will come in contact with to assist you. Help is there so step forward and put out your hand. Life is so precious and such a special gift and I know, trust me, that many days don't feel that way. I am mom and grandma, 55 years old, so I been around for awhile and just trust that God will guide the hands of those who will turn this around for you.

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