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Not sure where to get help or if it will work


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I'm not sure what to do about my tumultuous relationship of 6 years. I edited this message down because after spilling my guts here, I felt uncomfortable, like I was sharing too much.

Basically, I'm in a dysfunctional relationship and although I thought it was getting better, it's really not, not enough anyway. I just don't know what to do, or if it can be saved, but I really don't want to break up.

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I felt like I had shared more than I was comfortable sharing.
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Guest GingerSnap

I guess you answered your own question in that you realize it is dysfunctional, really won't get better (my concern would be that over time, it will get worse, maybe much worse), and that you don't want to leave so I guess you are going to just stay and suffer through it - sad way to spend a lifetime but I am also thinking that you wouldn't be reaching out for help at all if that was your plan. You might be really surprised how much help/insight/whatever you could get from sharing the details. I would say that it is very rare that one has a problem that others cannot relate to and learning from the mistakes of others is, well, much less painful - we, as human beings, are really much more alike than different.

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umm i don't have much experience in relationships but il say this, if things are going bad. just end it don't let it drag on otherwise you will get hurt this much i know however if you really care for the relationship then talk to her don't forget you cant read her mind and neither can she attempt to talk to her, say we a lot :) otherwise if you keep referring to her then she will get mad because then she will think you're putting her at fault but if its noting serious then drop it otherwise something will happen that will hurt you.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Zoomzoom,

For me, I would prefer that you tell us a lot more about your dysfunctional relationship and about yourself. Could you give us some of the details, including what is happening to make you feel so very emotional? You know, here, with us, its OK to spill.

Allan :)

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