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My Terrible Penis


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At the age of 10, I had an operation to correct and undescended testicle, somehow it got around the entire school that the doctors had removed my entire gentitals (kids eh). From that point on my life was hell, taking both verbal and physical abuse daily for the next five years, untill one day I stabbed my main abuser 3 times with a chisel during a woodwork lesson. I served 8 months in a young offenders unit, at the end of which I was then free from school. It was at this age I new I was small 4X4, my first girlfriend commented and told my peers, although a few pastings and my reputation for ectreme voilence stopped that from my so called friends (Became an 80's football thug, ICF RS).

Because everyone knew about my penis by the time I was 16, I just made the decission that I would screw at many women as I could, which I did, mainly one night stands, with girls outside of my peer group, I carried on like this to the age of 30, then it got a whole lot worse, when because of anxietys I began to suffer impotence, that still plagues me today.

However, I did get lots of experience, 3 girls made comments to my face, another 9 I know of told thier friends etc, thats out of roughly 50 women.

I am 4X4", I have had great sex, I've made women come, I've had compliments about my stamina (Younger daTys, 45yrs now). The one thing about a small penis is you can bang them for hours without wearing them out. A man with a very small penis, beleive it or not can have animalistic hot sex, with women who appreciate it. You just have to get over the fear, and take women for what you want. Be a miserable small pricked bastard, but get some.

In a way, I was lucky getting found out and ridiculed at such a young age, because I then had nothing to lose. What Im trying to say is, fear is the greatest challenge to overcome, but once I stabbed that bastard, and ended up in nick, I learned to fight fear with anger and voilence which worked at the time. Having said that, I am a recluse who has not had sex in 10 years, and I hate myself because I cannot forgive myself for this small prick.

I promise both of you, find the courage to date and have sex, and you will realise that sex is not only doable, but enjoyable to both you and your girlfirends. It is literally "He Who Dare's, Wins".

Recluse, if you go Thailand DO NOT have sex without a condom, who WILL get HIV. I spent 2 years in Pattaya as scuba instructor, go down Jomtien beach past midnight, and you will find all the girls plying thier trade with full blown AIDS, after being sacked from the clubs because of wight loss and sores. Recluse, I know for you, your girth is your cross to bare, I feel for you, my girth is roughly the same, but you beat me on lenght, thats why I said you are only half small. But I am on the other side of the world rooting for you to just get out there and have a go. DO NOT waste your life with fear as I have done. If I was there in front of you, I would punch your face untill you agreed to have a go, I know your a trained martial artist, but us old football thugs can still bang you know:)

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I lived and worked in Thailand. The girls who work in the bars are tested for STI's on a monthly basis, they then get a certificate which they then present to the bar owner who logs that certificate number. This certificate from the doctors cost approx 300 bhat. The problem is they can buy a black market certificate for 100 bhat without requiring testing, so the majority do just that.

Thailand is one of the most corrupt societys in the world, with the worst HIV record in south east asia.

Also these women are experts in the exploitation of foriegn men (Farang). All Thai women have only been working in the bar for 3 weeks, using skills they have been taught by thier grandmothers, and nearly all will offer sex without condom for an extra couple of dollars. Be careful, and remind yourself, for them it is purely money and a potentail visa.

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