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Is age really just a number???


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I am a 38 yr old woman I feel and look great! The issue I guess you could say im struggling with is why dont I look 38? I know that sounds kind of strange or weird but as I watch TV shows and look at pictures I think and feel I should look like these women. I am currently 5'5 and as for my weight im not rail thin nor am I obese I guess I am in between. I dont know why this is such an issue with me maybe because I know I'm soon approaching 40 and I dont look like a 40 yr old. When people ask my age and I tell them they are 99.9% shocked because they always think im younger. Dont get me wrong its a very nice compliment. I dont know maybe i just need to accept on how young I look and take it from there.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Catmom and Meyoumeyou08,

Catmom, thank you for your response to Meyoumeyou08. I have read and reread her posting but I am also very unclear about what she is saying and what her question is.

Meyoumeyou08, welcome to our community and can you clarify? What are you asking? You say that you look younger than your age and most people would be pleased about that. What is troubling you? Are you unhappy with your appearance?

Allan :confused:

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Hi Catmom and Allan

Sorry for the long delay. I dont think I'm really asking a question( i spose). I think its more along the lines that I am (for some reason) stuggling with this issue. Like I said in my previous post I see all these older women and I feel like I should look like these women. I guess I'm comparing myself to other people and really should stop doing that and just accept what I am.

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