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Eating is s/h ? (may trigger)


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I think that anything done in excess can be considered self-destructive behavior. Also, self-harm is usually done, for lack of a better term, emotional gratification - you're trying to make yourself feel better.

If someone eats because they're trying to 'self-soothe' that's self-harm (in my humble opinion of course) especially if this method of coping is leading to unhealthy weight gain and/or other health issues. Hope I was of some help :)


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I think it depends. If you are eating for an emotional reason, such as using food to "soothe" pain, that is s/h. I binge eat and i consider it s/h because I have done other things to s/h and eating gives me the same feeling...I am looking for the same result. But I guess it depends on the person. Once eating becomes a disorder, then it is s/h yes. In my opinion anyway.

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