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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Asiam37,

Yes, cycles can be triggered by situations. That is why there is more to the treatment of Bipolar Disorder than medication alone. What we call Psychoeducation and supportive psychotherapy are important adjuncts to taking medicine for this disorder. Stess can most certainly trigger a manic episode or depressive episode or a cycle even after things are stabilized with medicine.

In managing life and learning to live with Bipolar Disorder it is important to know how to reduce stress and even prevent stress. So, for example, it is important to sleep through the night, avoid caffeine beverages, not overwork one's self, use liesure time well, etc. This even includes foods and which are best and which are worst.

It should go without saying but I will say it: Avoid alcohol and drugs such as marijuana, plus the entire list thereof.

Welcome to our community,

Do you have other questions and would you be willing to tell us more about your self??


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