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I need proper therapy

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This was said to me once when I stated I was seeing an MFT.

When I decided to see someone in September 2008, I didn't want to see a psychiatrist because I didn't want to go with medication right out of the gate. I wanted to talk. I went to my issuance website and picked out someone I could walk too (We have one car and have to share) who dealt with my issues (depressions, anxiety, child abuse, grief counseling). I didn't look at actually titles, just schools, years in service, and issues.

The woman I chose was an okay fit but I felt like the whole thing just wasn't going anywhere. We even had an end date set up.

I 'fell apart' a week before my last visit and told her maybe we shouldn't stop after all. I chose to stay with her because it took me a year to finally open up and if I had to start over I would probably not bother.

Right now I'm really struggling to stay sober after 15 years.

When I mentioned this to someone they said "Find a real doctor and get proper therapy."

I found this insulting because 1. It's not their business. and 2. Isn't comfort level more important? Isn't it more important that I'm talking right now and less important who I'm talking to?

She suggested that I might need to see a psychiatrist about possible medication, but I'd like to try and hold off on that. If she says it again, I'll go.

Is a MFT really all that bad for PTSD from child abuse?

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