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Residential Treatment: Any Advice?

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i'm going to a residential treatment center to help me with my current inability to function. I'm really scared, I'm only 17 and i'm going to be there for about 6 months...I really scared that it's not going to work and i'll just end up worse then ever, has any one else been to residential, and do you have any advice?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Aven,

I went back and read your earlier posts. However, it would help to give us more information about what happened to you recently that you have to go for residential treatment. We also need to know more about the type of place you are going to. Can you explain and is it for teenagers?

Having asked you these questions, let me give you my experiences with this based on my work with patients over many years. In my experience, residential treatment for psychiatric treatment is very helpful.

For example, your medications will be adjusted and you will participate in various types of groups during the day. Those groups are usually very helpful. Some groups you will like and some you will not. You will meet other people in your situation and you will meet lots of staff members who are there to help you and everyone else. Most probably, you will also have individual psychotherapy.

No one can guarantee that it will "succeed." That's because there are few guarantees in this life. However, in my past experience, people of all ages greatly benefit from this and are often sorry to leave when the treatment ends.

It is natural and normal for you to feel nervous about this because it is something new. At the same time, assure yourself that this will be a good thing and, in my opinion, it will be a good thing.

What do you think?


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What kind of facility are you going to? You say you are going because of your "inability to function". Are you comfortable being more specific? How did it come about that you are going to treatment for 6 months? Who participated in making this decision? Doctors? Parents? Both?

It is difficult to offer you feedback with so little information. Either way, I certainly wish you the very best. You are so young. I am sorry that life has been so tough for you. I would love to hear more from you.



basically for the past 3 years I have been unable to go to school and to take care of myself by doing simple tasks such as cleaning and doing regular chores, because of my school problems they put me in a satilite program, it helped for a little while but eventually stopped working. so they moved me to a special school for people with disablilies such as my Bipolar Disorder. when that didn't work and we were all out of options, they (my counceler, parents, and psychitrist) decided to put me into residential treatment.

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