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Is anyone having any luck with herbal help?

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I take a mega B for stress, extra fish oil, and extra magnesium but I don't know if it's helping or not.

I have nothing against medication (and I have nothing against others taking it) but I'd rather start with smaller steps like diet changes and such. I'd really rather save medication as a last resort because I've had substance abuse problems in the past.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Katie,

There is evidence that anti depressant medications are safe for those with a history of substance abuse. Now, remember, I am using the term, Anti Depressants and NOT anti anxiety medications. Anti anxiety meds are addictive and not safe for you to use.

I don't know about the vitamins you are taking but if you read my humorous article on dark chocolate then you know that there is evidence that it helps relieve stress and depression although its not completely proven. It has to be dark chocolate and not the sweet milk chocolate. You need to get away from processed foods like white bread and other foods that are high in sugars and high in fats and carbos. Better to eat protein in the form of fish, eggs without butter, whole grain breads, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables as those have been found to relieve depression.

So, I agree, you can choose the good nutrition route but if that does not do it then anti depressants are called for.

Also, don't forget aerobic exercise: running, biking, swimming, etc.

Personally, I am not a fan of supplements like you are taking. It seems to me like you need to get those things through good nutrition.

What do you think?


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Guest GingerSnap

KatieDid: I have looked at herbal medicine because we have a son with Down syndrome now 23 years old and low-functioning. The schools desperately wanted him medicated into submission - long story. My son reacts to a lot of things, foods, meds, etc. and can't express how he is feeling so just suffers so rarely does he take a medication and luckily, our doctor is open to such since I haven't made an error yet. My medical authority is a book called "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" - my bible on health issues. I will pm you the website where I purchase herbs as it contains a lot of helpful information and articles in general that you might find useful. Our government is trying to close down the herbal health area but many of these things can be grown in a little garden outside your kitchen from seeds or even in pots inside your house.

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I take a B complex, Fish Oil and a multivitamin.... I am not sure if they are helping because I take them along with my medication for bipolar and depression.

I have heard allot of good things about those supplements from fellow suffers and my doctor said it can't hurt anything...

I use melatonin on occasion to get a good nights sleep....


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I would love to get all my nutrient through food, but in order to get the necessary amount of selenium I would have to eat 6lbs of broccoli a day. I like broccoli, but...geeze!

I was told a simple rule about eating. If it's not food, don't eat it. Things like white bread, soda, and twinkies are not food, they're man made. The human body doesn't know what to do with such things. And people really under estimate the true value of carbs. They are just as necessary and important as protein and should never be cut out of a diet. Things like veggies, grains, and fruits are complex carbs that are vital to healthy living. (things like enriched flour, sugar, and chips are not food...again. Manmade...)

Remember, you can't get veggie poisoning, but you can get protein poisoning. The human body only needs 47grams of protein a day.

Of course this also leads to a whole new discussion on how we've engineered the our foods to be so pretty that they've lost their nutritional value. I'd love to be able to buy all organic stuff, but I'm not rich.

I'm struggling to get up and make a tuna sandwich instead of letting the husband bring home taco bell. I'm not going to start kicking myself for taking supplements instead of being Martha Stewart in the kitchen.

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