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what can i do?


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here is the issue i feel for a girl, we dated, she cheated, i broke up with her. now its been around i think 9months now and i have memories that can totally ruin my day cause i would feel depressed or lonely, i mean i am much more busier then i was back then im doing more things i got a job etc, but i still feel lonely often just cause she isn't here or isn't calling me and i still have her number in my phone even tho i totally forgot until just recently i noticed it. i didn't call her its not a good idea however i want to know what i can do to somehow forget about her or...i don't know something that might ease this irritating pain.


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Solustein,

It is very difficult to advise you about what you might do or could do, if you wanted, because I don't know why you broke up with that girl. Was it an abusive relationship or did the two of you argue a lot or what happened?

You see, if you believe its better not to call her perhaps it means it was not good. Well, OK. Then, don't obsess about her.

How to stop obsessiong?

1. You could find a new girl and begin a new relationship.

2. Start going to the gym and getting exercise.

3. Go into psychotherapy

In fact, there are many things you can do.

Can you tell us more about you and that past relationship?


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umm well i met her at the library where i live, she was a helper of sorts and i just started talking to her and eventually asked her out etc, we never had a fight ever i tried to keep arguments to a minimum i don't like fighting considering how my parents are, the reason i broke up with her was because she slept with her X bf because she still had feelings for him and she asked me to be ok with her dateing me and her X aswell and i honestly couldn't do it, it felt and i knew it was wrong. i really cared for her, i would of done anything for her. But i dont think im obsesses maybe its denial but.....im not the stalker type. i have a level of self respect.

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JulianP-dont worrie im not the type to off myself because the going is difficult :P

yes more or less my school is done, i work at a roller bladeing skate ring, fun wise just going to the woods with my buddy's making a camp fire and just talkin or something with youth. otherwise parents are still being idiots and somewhat self centered i still get very angry when my dad is near me, even thoe i still dont know why :P but regarding this issue, only thing im able to currently do is just stay busy and no there arent any girls who i find interesting just yet, i mean there are some but i dont want to even bother. personally i have forgiven her and its ok in my mind from what i could gather he was her first love and he just is a guy she still had feelings for its alright i suppose i might do something similar one day but i pray it wont happen but we dont know how tricky our lives can be.its the memories and the idea that she isnt there anymore that hurts me mostly its as if something of great importance is missing or that ive lost something dear and when i go or see a place where we went together i remember all of it so...yeah

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lol well you said, "well im glad you checked in with us again" or something like that :P anyways well i just dont want to be a type of person who crys and complains about things i just want to find ways of solving my issues this is why i ask and im not ashamed of things because well its online and i dont have anything to lose either because its all true.

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