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Guest Ilook@allthelonelypeople

Add your own or revise mine to suit you. :D

Some of these rules are "funny," because life is, I guess, but one thing I've discovered is that they can never be pessimistic, just realistic. :o

1. Once you discover something, make a rule and don’t resist or find exceptions to your conclusions.

2. Believe in life’s fairness. You might not win the lottery, but it’s hard to do anything if you don’t believe that if you try, you will be remunerated. Have faith in fairness, even if there isn’t any.

4. Always accept the reality of your situation. It’s OK for things not to be perfect. But, it’s when you don’t accept reality that you can’t address problems in a calm, objective manner. It’s when you don’t accept reality that you have problems.

5. Don’t give yourself lofty, unrealistic goals. The irony is that it’s harder to reach those lofty goals when you’re constantly comparing yourself to them. Give yourself small steps. It’s good practice and it’s a more rewarding reward system.

6. Don’t resist your inner voice when it tells you you’re tired, bored, or shouldn’t be doing something. It’s easier to be happy when you give in to it. Sometimes it’s a lot smarter than you are.

7. Count your blessings when you get them and always remember where you’re lucky. In fact, do everything you can to make these blessings stand out in your mind, because when you look back, they need a chance of competing with the pitfalls.

8. It’s possible to think too much. If you already have a thought that’s optimistic, you should just stop there. It’s possible to have thoughts that actually hurt you.

9. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with artifice. Using a persona to hide behind in public and borrow confidence from works.

10. Remember that absolutely nothing comes of pessimism. Careful prudence, maybe, but pessimism is a black hole that sucks the life out of everything. It drains you of motivation. Don’t be afraid of optimism; embrace it. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking optimism is foolish. Optimism is the first fuel. Be as optimistic as you can possibly be.

11. Don’t get lazy in relationships. Find exciting things to do together.

12. Don’t let the assholes get to you. Don’t try to figure them out. Don’t try to untangle motivations; it’s like contemplating a nothing. Why should you try to understand them, if they never do the slightest bit of navel-gazing? (If they did, they wouldn’t be assholes). The human spectrum covers a lot of ground. There’s saints and there’s serial killers, and there’s also a bunch of assholes, that’s all.

13. Everyday you can start again. Our future is determined by the decisions we make today. Don’t give up; just start again and don’t worry so much about the outcome as doing what you need to do today.

14. Creatively, it’s a success when work represents the original concept and successfully bridges the imagination with the work. The other stuff, like commercial success or being well-received are very tenuous, debatable forms of success. They’re temporary. They’re not real successes.

15. Listen to advice, but be very, very careful before accepting it. VERY careful. No matter how convincing someone might sound, they might not know what they’re talking about. Or, it might be great advice for them, personally, but could wind up hurting YOU. Ultimately, you know best, in every way.

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16.You are never responsible for other's behavior, nor can you change it.

17.Never take anybody for granted. One day you might wake up and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting rocks.

18.Never apologize for what you feel.

19.Do not stew over things you cannot change. And worrying does not give you the ability to change it.

20.Don't offer what you cannot or will not give. For example: don't threaten someone if you're not willing to carry out the threat. You are your word. Break your word once, what to say you won't break your word when it's something important?

21.Know your boundaries. If you don't know them, how are you supposed to set these personal limits in regards to interpersonal relationships?

22.Don't shit where you eat. Also known as: don’t do things that might effect you negatively close to home. Such as, don't steal from a friend.

23.The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed so keep trying.

24.Forgive yourself. There will always be moments of fear, embarrassment, and shame the trick is just to get past it.

25.What you resist, persists. The more you run from something the longer it stays with you.

26.Every second counts 'cause there's no second try.

27.You are responsible for what you say/do despite how you may feel.

28.Backgrounds and experience influence who you are but you are responsible for what you become.

29.Just because someone you love or trust says it over and over (or more than one person says it) that doesn't make it fact.

30.If you really want something you'll find a way if you don't you'll find an excuse.

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