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The sad fact here is that no one can help you until you are ready to be helped. And the one person that will help you the most is yourself. Try to find some good books on getting your life on track. Being a great reader is what saved my bacon. You may not know how to get yourself out of a rut so go read about how other people did it and just copy them.

Sometimes no amount of advice does it for us. Sometimes it takes a serious turning point in the road for us to know, really know, that there must be a better way.

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You are getting help. The problem is either you don’t recognise it or it’s not the kind of help you want. Perhaps if you were a little more specific about what it is that is making you feel depressed.

You can’t seriously expect ALL the answers in just a few posts. People are in therapy for years looking for answers.

You have to be willing to not only express yourself more clearly but also to listen to the replies. If you don’t you could be missing a vital piece of information that might just save your sanity - and your life.

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