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just wanted ask all you with a small penis if it works and by works i mean as opposed to not working even with viagra ect. which happens eventually down the line somewhere far enough, but yea what good is a 10foot penis gonna do ya if you cant use it, i be da first to admit i've had times before in da past id trade my penis for a small penis that works properly u know lol sometimes he just fires off to early which the times it did the woman thought it was cute idk lol, lil too excited i guess, but yea no umm i dont know my penis might be small i like to think im packin dont really wanna know/think otherwise, then again dont think id really kare if i found it was smallest on record, not to be a a***hole or cocky or anything but you know as long as i get mine u know(whatever helps ya deal with it), women have toys tons of em out there, and well im a swinger so for ppl like me you know dont kare if the person their in love with has sex with someone else because they/I view love and sex as to different things, i mean i wanna know who your gonna you know, also i read something else...and for people in other cases, you ever seen a greek statue, or watched the movie observe & report about the mall cop, big ol dude in that movie was a flasher and that guy ran around that mall forever with it just hangin/pokin out there for everyone to see, and i do mean everyone, now theres a guy who dont think about it, or dont really kare what people think either way i wanna be more like that guy.

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my main point of the whole thing was you know your lookin the wrong way at things if your insecure about that kinda stuff, because you can allways be worse off, look at the positives, not the negatives....im sorry i didnt state it cleary or you didnt connect with anything i said, try be a lil more clearer next time, im not a professional anything i do know more than your average person about psychology and the mind but not a professional just a guy with a strange approach of gettin people to see the light/bright side a lil more differently...i dropped outta high school and college, college because all my emotional and mental problems, but yea just wanted get that out there incase people dont understand or mispercieve anything i say i always mean the best because i got love for everyone, one luv.

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