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Hi Nicolec

My first few weeks on the class of drugs that paroxetine is in (SSRIs) were awful. Had I not been warned that I would feel side-effects that would go away, and not to stop taking it, I wonder if I would have persevered. Headaches, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth etc etc. It may take 4 weeks before they begin to work optimally. Keep in touch with your doc so s/he can adjust the dose if needed.

The 'start-up' side effects mostly disappear after a week or two. If you continue to feel dreadful, go back to the doc rather than just stop. We all have different brain chemistry and another med may work much better for you without the bad side-effects.

In the end SSRIs didn't work for me, but they apparently work well for the majority of people who take them. How's it going?

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