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becoming a guardian?


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I am new to this forum and am hoping someone might be able to help, I am having trouble finding any information myself. I have a 30 year old sister with bipolar. She has been in and out of the hospital for the last 10 years (since she was diagnosed) and has a 5 year old son. She has been doing OK for the last couple of years but has recently taken a turn for the worst. Her 5 year old son is now scared of her, and she is refusing medication and making up lies of child abuse about my father, who is currently taking care of her. She is unable to take care of herself but is in complete denial.

We need to get her into an assisted living type of situation but because she is an adult we cannot force her to do anything. The last time we got her into an assisted facility she got kicked out for not participating in the counseling and group sessions that are mandatory. The time before that she just walked out. We refuse to let her be homeless or on the street, but we are not sure what our options are and we do not want to lose the right to see her son, who currently lives with his father. Is guardianship an option? Is there anyway for us to petition for partial custody of her son on her behalf or on our own behalf? She cannot be alone with him right now and is ready to start a new family since she thinks we all poisoned her son against her, but we dont think she should be totally isolated from her son. What can we do? We are in the New Haven CT area.

I would appreciate any advice.


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