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Intro & how REMAIN healthy?

Finally living

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New in town and thought I'd introduce myself.

I have battled major recurrent depression + ADD for about 28 years, until one day I realized that I that I spent 28 years begging, hoping, and aying to die. I was so hopeful for death that I never considered trying to live.

I am also child of an alcoholic, who I would NEVER be like, so I deprived myself meds, food, anything that I might "need" must've meant it was an addiction, therefore I flushed pills down the toilet, starved, and even did some cutting (to punish myself or to feel anything).

Last year, I decided to live and I have done very well. I have made an unbelieveable recovery but I know that I must watch myself for the rest of my life and stay healthy.

Of course, when I "woke up" from the depressions, I could see. I realize how unhealthy my marriage is, not b/c he is a bad guy, he's also the child of an alcoholic but will not admit it.

Between a possible divorce and the financial wreckage of constant doctor/hospital visits, bills that were ignored b/c who wants to pay next month's bill if you don't want to be alive next month?

I am overwhelmed and trying use healthy coping skills but some days, life just feels so hard. But when I have a good day, the skies are blue, my child's smile lights my heart, and I keep hoping for a simple, normal life.

I guess my question for today would be... if you recovered, how do you stay positive when the medical bills are overwhelming? Anybody out there have any advice, I could really use it.

Thanks and it's nice to see ya'll.


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Finally living,

ADHD and Depression go together. When you grow up with an alcoholic parent it makes the job of growing up much worse. It must have been awful for you to wish for death all of these years but I am happy you have awakened.

Have you considered psychotherapy and medication for yourself? Why continue to battle all of these things alone when there is help out there.

Also, have you considered one of the Credit Counseling agencies that will negotiate for you with the creditors and work out a fair and reasonable payment schedule? You can check with the Better Business Bureau to find out which of them are honest and dependable.

Also, it souds as though these are medical bills. In my experience, so long as you talk to the people who do the billing they will work out a reasonable payment schedule for you. They mostly get annoyed when they feel ignored.

What do others think??


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