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Getting my ex back


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I've been reading about all sorts of techniques to get my ex back. I'm a little confused but mostly open minded, since this girl was exceptional and it's only been a few days since she went cold on me. Has anyone read "The magic of making up"? Seems to be the most popular guide on the matter, pity it isn't free. Should I buy it?

- Sandy

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Hello Sandy. I regrettably have not read the book in which you refer to, however I do understand your situation. I know that this was not what you wanted to hear, however I honestly have to say that if it went cold that quickly, well it will probably get that cold again if you got back together with your ex anyway.

I can understand the feeling that you're having, I have a "girl who got away" myself. But from my life's experience I find that the ideology of that particular girl is probably better than what the reality would have been. Same goes true with anyone's life. Sometimes it's better to keep memories as memories, and concentrate on the next memory that is to come. Hopefully it will be more long lasting.

Lastly I would like to say that you must take this road one day at a time. If you and your ex get back together and it works out, great. But don't go out of your way to make that happen either, it will only cause you misery and disappointment. If it happens, let it happen, if it doesn't, let it go. Go on to the next good thing.

I hope I've been of help.

- Anonymous.

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