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Well the signature is just a quote from Arrested Development and is not meanful except I find it amusing.

But mostly, I posted because I'm struggling with suicidal feelings and don't feel as though I'm in a community (it's very rural and confidentiality is quite a joke) where I can safely get help. I'm not really comfortable talking about my issues, but I am reading what others have said and finding some comfort in their words. Thanks for responding.


PS: I'm a girl, in case that matters.

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It takes lots of courage to take that first step and reach out for help. When I first went to the doctor for depression I felt like crying. It was so scary and embarrassing. It helped me to have my family along with me. Is there someone at home that you can turn to for support? This isn't something you should face alone.

Try to keep in mind that you have nothing to be ashamed of. There are so many people who suffer from depression and most people can understand it a little if they've ever been sad before. You're not a freak and you deserve to be free of these suicidal thoughts. There is help out there if you would take that difficult step forward and get help.

Can you tell us why you are having suicidal thoughts? Is it because of something specific? Are you feeling down most of the time? What is your life like right now?

Remember that you are very special and unique. You have been given many talents and abilities. Think about what you do have right now. You have people on this forum who care and there is always hope. Depression is very treatable.

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