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I've been going through therapy and each onion layer I peel, I get more afraid, and more afraid.

The anxiety through therapy and life has been a major burden to deal with when going through therapy.

The persistence to stick with it is starting to show face.

I made some mistakes in my life that I've felt tremendously guilty about. I've had some anxiety around my sexuality, and I've been a pretty arrogant and selfish individual. I know I'm still not done bashing myself for my faults yet.

My last post was about forgiveness, and in my heart with all of the anxiety on top of life, and all of the hurt I've felt, I realize that forgiveness is a lesson that is learned with time, that I have been fortunate to been given the opportunity to begin to understand what the forgiveness business really means and feels like.

I think im just ranting, hopefully the post is food for thought for yourself as much as my work has been for me.

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