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Bullying Online; and also how safe are these forums?

Guest Megan

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Guest Megan

With regards to these forums, and I know y'all are just getting started, how safe is it here? And are you the main admin, Allan?

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At present there are three moderators - Allan, Natalie and myself. I'm the guy who runs the software and who founded this community - and the one with the most experience running a community - so I suppose that makes me the chief yahoo around here.

We take safety seriously and know that it is important to have rules and to enforce them for the health of the community. At the same time, it is also important to not strangle the community in rules. So far things have worked out pretty well IMHO (not sure what others are thinking but I've not seen complaints. We've had to remove some posts for spam purposes, but have not really had a troll problem yet. I expect we'll handle it if/when it comes. In the mean time, you can read the community rules in the FAQ, and if you have specific questions or suggestions, please feel free to make them. We want to run this place for the benefit of the people who gather here and that means that if someone has a good idea, we want to implement it.


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