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Okay, I'm hoping you might have a little insight for me.:D My question is this...

I am in a place where I am starting process of returning to school to re-start/finish degree. I had until recently thought I might go back to psychology...esp. child development and attempt to go on to masters/phd after finishing my BS in hopes of practicing in a school or private setting.

I think that if I had my BP under control that I would be good at this but is a huge time and financial commitment. And I have to be honest with myself and consider that my self-evaluation in not only how effective I could be and how my health would affect my ability to do the job but the potential for my illness to affect by ability to get licensure by medical boards etc....assuming that I would be able to complete the schooling to get to that point.

I do not want to go just for a degree and then do nothing with it. I have 4 kids that I want to help support and a degree for sake of degree is a luxury I cannot afford.

My most recent thought is to consider nursing field...my area of interest in particular might be labor and delivery/ NICU. But it does occur to me that there is a chance that being have diagnosis of a mental illness could affect my ability to get licensure at certain levels. (maybe??)

I know that would be protected in the area of job discrimination, but the various boards that certify medical staff/professionals place their own standard in forming their decisions. Am I correct in wanting to think this out before putting years and thousands of dollars into training??

Any practical advise in this line of thought?? Also any thought about aptitude training, career choices etc. I am looking at transition from an online degree program to an on campus degree program (nights/weekend) as I missed the hands on side of college, and online wasn't a perfect fit for me. I would appreciate any support and advice you could provide.

ALSO< ---to those who made career changes, went back to school mid-life etc. How did you research your options. ETC???

***This is assuming that I have BP under control enough TO finish degree and hold full time career. Which at sometime seems scary/out of reach... Don't want diagnosis to interfere with career I am capable of doing if/when the actual disorder is under control.***Is this fear off base/justified?

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