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Anxious on Wellbutrin

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So the psychiatrist agreed to let me try anti depressants .. and I was taking 150 mg everyday.. but when I took it the next morning my heart would race and I'd get the nervous/anxious feeling.. and I just don't know if it's working// especially since I'm not getting the proper talk therapy so I guess it's hard to tell.. so over the weekend she gave me the 300 to try.. and it just does the same thing.. Is it normal for that feeling to keep happening?? I'll let someone know whats going on and see what they think..

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This happens to some people on Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin is an "activating" AD. For some, that activating effect causes anxiety and agitation.

(For me it relieves the physical symptoms of depression (lack of energy, lack of sleep) as well as the grogginess from Seroquel. It doesn't improve my mood, however.)

The other thing about Wellbutrin is that some people have a "honeymoon effect" - in the first few days they feel much better and then slump into depression again. After 4-6 weeks the AD effect comes back and remains. If it is going to work for you, that is. (I didn't have a honeymoon.)

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