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Choosing battles...(w/ landlord)


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Okay, this is one of those random posts that doesn't really 'go' anywhere.

I am renewing lease on my apartment. It's somewhere I wouldn't live if I had more of a choice in the matter, but with DH being sole support for a family of 6, and him working full time, finish degree and certifications and me attempting to finish school while getting finances/credit straightened out and caring for kids 13,11,3,& 1...being in a 'transition' apt. does make sense.

Okay to my question: We had a move-in offer of free months rent or 100 off rent monthly and a 300.00 package of 'free housewarming gifts', free 2nd garage stall with when we moved in. At the time I signed lease I said, "oh, I thought rent was less (about 100)" "oh, that was with the discount on there". Okay?!

Signed...now reluctantly about to renew for another year. Got a letter saying rent dropped by 132.00 a month...I am now paying for both garage stalls (previously had one free) so an additional 50 a month...Effectively 82.00 less a month. Great.

But what is bothering me is....Has the market rate of apartment really dropped 132.00 from before?? Suspect not. Because that is what we were supposed to be paying was market rate. (Took one month free) If you take the 132.00 over the 12 months we paid of 13 month lease...that equals almost exactly one month rent plus the 'move-in package' so essentially, if I am correct... I paid extra above market rate rent to offset the free months rent and cost of items that they gave me for 'free'.

This really bothers me, I am unsure how to approach this, or If I should. I am waiting for them to let me know lease renewal paperwork is ready to sign. Is this a mistake, a tricky way of getting market rate and having people 'think' they are getting a discount? It's just really rubbing me the wrong way. I know if I am going to question this I should do so BEFORE resigning lease, not that I think I would get money back out of it, I just want to hear what explanation they have for this.....

What do you think...Should I push issue?? My thought was to play a little innocent...and ask them to explain why the market rate dropped so much in a year. If it hasn't dropped, then it was a mistake or a case of clever accounting on their part to make people see a value but still get all their money.

Thoughts/advise??? Worth looking into??

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Hi Dahli

How does DH feel about it? Have you talked with him? I, myself, would get a real estate lawyer to read it, if I didn't feel safe or if I felt as if someone was trying to cheat me. It might be worth while. There are legal aid lawyers. Plus, you could tell them that you think it would be prudent to have that done. No harm, no fowl.

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