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how do i find help


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so i've posted in another forum but felt this would be a place to stick this one...

i'm 29, very confused right now. i've never been to a therapist, or any other type of mental health dr's, I have no idea what i'm doing. I would like to just tell you a little about what's going on and see if you have any suggestions on self help treatments.

i've been dealing with this relationship issue, ending in him cheating on me. i've tried to move on n can't seem to do so.(in another thread). i recently quit my job... b/c of stress of my boss, who would pick something stupid out n just start cussing yelling n screaming, he refused to hear me out he would just assume the worst, n that was final. he continuously rode me about everything. He was a drug user, had marital problems n brought his stress to work n inflicted it on everyone else til finally i had had enough n just walked out.

I've picked up some extra hours at my second job, but it isn't enough to pay the bills, so i'm looking for another stable job, this is stressful to me. dealing with trying to find a job, bills are coming in, the thought of being alone with no one to be there for me. no one to talk to about these problems.

A little more about myself: i have been pretty much dependant upon myself since i was 16. worked atleast one job, sometimes upto 3 at one time. currently, well... atleast until a week ago, work two jobs, quit the fulltime job. i'm overweight, i really want to loose weight, i lost weight n looked really good, then i started binge eating, n gained it all back. so now i feel like a failure. I feel like nothing in my life is going right, and I don't know what to do!!! I'm sure there's a lot of ppl out there just like me, many with worse cases. but i just want to get out of this cloud of depression/anxiety. I think that I am pretty level headed, I have cam through a lot. I have conquered these feelings in the past, but at this point in my life, I feel like maybe I need some guidance.

Are there any suggestions?

What forms of treatment is out there?

at the moment even if I wanted to go to a doctor, I couldn't afford it. but maybe some self help treatment, maybe this site can give me some words of wisdom! I have never in my life even thought about counceling! normally I am giving the council not recieving. but I feel like this is a good thing for me right now. so anybody???

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With regard to finding therapists, we have a therapist locator database which you can search (based on your zipcode if you are in the USA). Here is the link for that resource

You might also like to read our Psychological Self-Tools book which is an overview of the different sorts of ways that someone can work on helping themselves through psychological issues if they cannot (or don't want to) work with a therapist. That link is here.

Hope this is helpful information for you.

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