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Negative experiences with a psychologist

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Wish I could email you my psychotherapist. ('cept you have to email him back about once every 8 weeks or so.) He once said to me, after a 3-month episode-free interval "well, there's nothing left for me to do." :( I think that was before the next depression arrived. He wouldn't keep things going if he didn't think there was anything. I must be a tough nut to crack - I'm fine, then I'm not, then I'm fine, then I'm Uberfine...

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Hi Amyeh,

Am sorry anxiety has hit you so hard. It can be a lot to deal with. Have never had hair loss because of it, but it is mentioned on the web. Can you get out somewhere for a walk, in a park or by water? Is there someone else you can hang out with today? I wouldn't be embarrassed at being unable to eat, just concerned, Especially if you haven't been. It's really hard to get feet under you without nutrition. Gatoraide and bananas are a good start, putting potassium and carbs in your system. After a bit with that, go for some of your favorite protein. Just small amts to start. And a bit of chocolate, if you like it. Comfort food is good. Congrats with your efforts doing relaxation.

If your white count is low, can you go for a second opinion? Just to reassure yourself?

And depression and anxiety are biological disorders, as well as thinking, so no shame. It's a cycle that can be broken, however. At least managed.

I don't know where you are in the world or what it's like there, but, here in America, doctors don't typically invite patients to their homes. At least in my experience.

I would encourage you to talk with loved ones. Being separated may cause anxiety for your sister as well, if you're close. Treat yourself as if with any illness.

Just off the top of my head.

Take care.:rolleyes:

loves and hugs


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