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I'm Back and losing weight!


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Hello everybody, sorry for being gone so long.

I kind of dropped off the face of the internet for awhile.

I've had some issues and haven't been on much.

Well I sorta messed things up and stopped walking as well as stopped eating healthy. As a result of this my weight got up to 285 lbs. Oops, I hate the stupid yoyo weight loss / gain thing.

On a positive note I decided a little over a month ago to go out and buy a recumbent bike for the house so that I could exercise out of the heat while watching a tv show. Well I went to the store and bought it. Put it in my car, carried it all the way upstairs into my apartment. Low and behold when I set it down it was the wrong thing. It turned out to be an elliptical that gave you the option of sitting down and pedaling or standing up and doing the ski deal while using your arms too.

After carrying a 70 lb box upstairs I was in no hurry to return it so I went online and did some research. I discovered that their blunder was in my benefit. Both models cost the same amount of money so no one got the bad end of the deal. After discovering how much better an elliptical is I decided to keep it. I have since fallen in love with it.

I started out sitting down and pedaling for 5 minutes, then standing up and skiing for 20 minutes, and then sitting down and pedaling for another 5 minutes. That way I have a warm up and cool down period. In this 30 minutes I was averaging about 8 miles. However now I'm doing 5 down, 25 up, and 5 down. Therefore increasing it to 35 minutes and around 9 miles.

In the little over a month I've been doing this I've gone from 285 lbs down to 259 lbs. I reward myself every 2 weeks by going to Golden Corral and eating sweet potato casserole with marshmallows and cinnamon with my meal. Thats the only sweet that I get and I really enjoy it. Other than that I'm eating plenty of fruits and veggies, as well as 3 well balanced meals. Although I'm eating less than I used to, I seem to get full faster.

I've also decided to leave the zoo I'm currently at and start volunteering at the Oklahoma City Zoo. I'll have more of an opportunity to advance to where I want to be with a bigger zoo. Although I really don't care for animals in cages. The least I can do is make their life a little less hectic and enjoyable. They didn't ask for a life sentence in jail without parole.

I'm done rambling,


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Jeremy,

Wow, sounds great. Please remember about losing weight: Slow and gradual is the best way. Don't starve yourself, eat healthy and continue the exercise. Most of us hit a point where weight loss stops and then we get frustrated. Ths idea is to just continue the process and you will again drop those unnecessary pounds.

Good job


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Hello ASchwartz,

Thanks, and I understand to take it slow when losing weight. I'm still eating around 2,000 calories a day. The weight simply comes off of me really fast at first and then gradually slows down. Usually once I get down to around 240 - 250 it slows to a crawl. Then it's about 1-2 lbs a week from there on.

Thanks again,


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