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I'm 24 and I've just been a part of ruining my marriage. Alot of it is b/c I have so much anxiety or worry. If my wife goes out with her friends, or hell if she's just out running errands, or at work. I worry uncontrallably the whole time. Sometimes, my worry get's the best of me and I'll go through her phone when she gets back and break into her email. I need help and it's driving me nuts. Sometimes I feel so anxious I start to shake and feel like my mind is racing so fast I can't help but pop a tylenol PM and crash out. Please anyone that can help me, please write to me. I'm confused, scared, and of course anxious. I can't really go to the military docs, I've tried and they refuse to give me any medication, is there anything I can do or take over the counter? I've heard L-Theanine works pretty well is that true?

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Guest ASchwartz


I strongly recommend that you do not self medicate. Doing so can be very dangerous. I do not know why the military docs won't treat you? Have you told them honestly what is going on with you? I know it can be difficult for soldiers to admit to having emotional problems. If you are holding back when you speak to them you are not helping your self.

It sounds as if you might need medication and psychotherapy. What about seeing someone outside of the military and why won't the military treat you? Are you on active duty or are you now discharged?


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