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Recovering repressed memories.


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I'm convinced I'm missing something. I know repressed memories are considered unreliable but I'm so sure I'm missing something, I just don't know where to go from there. I have a vivid imagination and really dislike the idea that someone could sugest something to me and I go from there coz I could probally go the whole hog.

It's like I've looked at a painting and there was something in the background and I can't quite recall what it was and it's driving me mad. Is it possible I'm just worring over nothing or am I right?

Is there something that for some reason my brain is refusing to show me?

Hope that made sense.

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This is the sort of thing which, though maddening, is not something you can force. You are correct in the idea that you don't want to be suggesting things to yourself (or have anyone do that for you) especially if you are suggestable and likely to run with it and then have a memory of something that didn't happen. What good would that do? (I suppose it would scratch the itch but it wouldn't be true, and it could cause other problems in your relationships for instance, if you made a false accusation.

Maybe instead of wishing for resolution to this feeling of something missing the answer is instead to work on tolerating what is difficult to tolerate? So for instance, this idea of mindfulness skills that people develop by practicing things like meditation and by working on detaching themselves from maddening thoughts, or distracting themselves from having to think about it all the time by doing something helpful, healthful and absorbative like exercise. ???

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This post I left is a little old now. I did take your opinion on bord but still decided to see if I could find out what it was I was missing. Theres a bout a 3-4 year gap in my memories, maybe nothing happend and thats why theres no memory avalible there, maybe something did. At the end of the day I still don't know but I have done what I can.

I asked my coucilor if we could try a regression to try and recover what I couldnt remember. She's very good and warned me that I may not be ready to face my memories and thats why I cannot remember. Anyways, I still wanted to do it so we tried.

The first time I was unable to get any image, we tried to bring back the memory like watching a film, starting with the walk to school. Which I remembered, but then there was nothing. I got fustrated and kind of gave up.

The next time we did it with still images looking through an imaginary photo album, I remembered lots of the things about my parents relationship and each time we came to an unpleasnt memory or something I didnt like I ripped the page from the book. We did get to the part of my life that i couldn't remember but I became so distraught that I told her I didn't ant to continue. So we ended the hypno session appropriatly. Afterwards I felt v drained and still am none the wiser as to why I have blocked a chunk of my life out.

Maybe someone was mean to me, maybe be something bad happend. Maybe not. It dosent really matter. I am now able to accept that whatever it is or isn't, I am not ready to remember.

If oneday I remeber I think I will probally be more able to cope. If not then I'm probally lucky that I don't.

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