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Have any of you been forced to do the following:


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#1: Not physically care for someone, people.

#2: Yell at someone, people "SHUT UP!"

#3: Leave because you, anyone else was talking to loud.

#4: Tickle anyone when you, anyone else did not wish too.

#5: Accept that not many+ people care about you, anyone else.

#6: Been forced at a dishwashing, cooking etc. job to share trash cans, grab dishes without washing hands because dishwasher(s) where already backed up, take out trash or anything else alone; take out trash or anything else that is too+ heavy, had to use hot+ water to rinse off hands while no other dishwasher(s) available for a period(s) of time etc.

This all is about bullying, abuse etc.

If so how did anyone, you escape? Please share stories, thank you.

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Hi Fira8,

Welcome to the forum. Some times a thread seemingly vanishes, but it goes to to the main subject if someone opens a different one, at least I think that's right..

Working as a nurse's aide, lots of pressure around patient care to ignore standards taught in class. Keeping residents in your care safe is an issue as you can't be tending to them all at once and some wander, others are aggressive, etc.

Body mechanics not always feasible. Big patients, absent equipment. A feeling of having to make do to continue employment?

If this isn't what you are saying, can you explain more? This is a really cool place, lots of people supporting each other for lots of different reasons. Tell us more about you if you'd like.

loves and hugs:)


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