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My 14 yr old daughter and 11 1/2 yr old son were going at each other a little as the 'long hand of the law', aka mom and dad, came down on them for slacking in chores, constant bickering and trying to be up all night with video games/computer and sleeping all day instead of helping.

My daughter said "why don' you get off your butt and help me" and he said "why don't you go die?" I grabbed him (all 100 plus pounds) in a fireman's carry, brought him in his room and told him "I have already buried one child, I had better never here you wish that one anyone in front of me ever again".

My son Ian would've just turned 13...he passed after he and I developed a bacterial infection of the bloodstream and I went into early labor, he passed in the NICU. Son has come and given me several hugs and his behavior with sis seems a bit better.

I am sad, just because he would be so happy to have a big brother, I know. Instead of just 3 sisters. I hate to see them fighting, bickering etc. UGG. Blah. This time of year is hard. Oldest daughter and Ian would've been Irish twins...due EXACTLY one year apart. Kind of like I celebrate her and miss him. June stinks.

I am missing him. And the fact the big kids have so little appreciation for each other right now, it hurts.

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I am so sorry for your loss. As the oldest of four, though, I can assure you that their relationship will improve--it's just that they ages they are now clash. My sister and I, about 2 years apart, went through the exact same thing--we were best friends when we were little, and then right about that age, we started arguing and fighting like mad. By the time we were both in high school though, we'd gotten close again. My brother and I were the same way--he's about 5 years younger, and, now that he's in high school, we're no longer fighting and are starting to get along. My youngest sister, about 9 years my junior, is beginning to go through the same stage. What your son said hurts, and was crueller than he obviously meant, but siblings don't hate each other forever, and soon she'll be giving him advice on how to act like a gentleman and teasing him (lightly) about his crushes. And he'll start making really corny jokes that actually start making sense and are somehow funny. It's all part of growing up :)

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