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Extreme anxiety can damage our health


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Don't let anyone tell you different - anxiety and stress are a part of everybody's life. It's actually normal to experience some amount of fear and anxiety - It's how our body reacts to "dangerous" situations. The "fight of flight" response kicks in and your body prepares to "attack the enemy", or run away from it. Extreme anxiety is not part of the original plan unfortunately.

What Happens to Your Body During Anxiety and Panic attacks?

Chemicals like Adrenaline are released into our bloodstream and our body goes through dramatic changes:

· The heart starts pounding faster to bring oxygen to organs to help them "fight" or "flight". Our blood pressure increases. Your breathing becomes faster to provide more oxygen. You can experience chest pain and dizziness because of that.

· Our awareness is stronger, the eye sight is also sharpened.

· Your legs and hands start shaking to prepare them for fast action. You may feel tingling - that's your blood rushing to get where it needs to go!

· Your hands can become sweaty to give you a better grip.

· The blood gets re-directed from your digestive system to your muscles for the same reason. That's why anxiety sufferers have problems with digesting.

· You can feel nausea or the need to vomit - also a protective mechanism - after vomiting you become "lighter" and a better runner...

But there is no enemy here - why do I get anxiety and panic attacks?

You feel like anxiety and panic attacks are "coming from nowhere" right? There is no "enemy" or any real danger but suddenly panic attacks you.

You have to remember that our body developed this response to real and dangerous situations in the ancient world - A wild animal attack, or an enemy tribe member approaching. The body "panics" fast and unconsciously. That's why you feel it's coming out of nowhere!

In short, we live in a modern world with ancient responses in our body.

Prolonged and untreated extreme anxiety will have a negative affect on your health. The negative effects are:

1. High blood pressure

2. Increased risk for heart disease.

3. Trouble sleeping, eating, and concentrating - all of these negatively affect your health.

4. Depression due to anxiety.

5. Problems with the digestive system will cause weight gain, lack of vitamins and minerals in your blood, headaches and migraines.

6. In the state of anxiety the body releases free radicals that may increase risk of cancer.

This is what motivated me to get rid of my anxiety. What does it do to you?


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Guest ASchwartz

Hello Meitel,

You wrote:

This is what motivated me to get rid of my anxiety. What does it do to you?

I am pleased that you are free of panic attacks. However, no one can or should get rid of anxiety. You correctly describe the reasons why we need anxiety. It can signal the presence of real danger.

Just wanted to clarify.


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