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What happend to my brother?


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Im not sure where to begin...I am a 21 year old college student majoring in CIS and am currently almost done with school. I am from a family of 5, my bio father, my bio mother, and two brothers. I love all my family very much but something recently has just happened that I need to share with someone and hopefully get advice.

My Brother, daniel, who is 18 just entered into the same university with me and I could not have been more excited for. My older brother is 22 and a introvert but is still a pretty normal guy. daniel has always been outgoing and one of my best friends. I knew that in high school daniel has been smoking pot and so forth, but nothing too much in my view. My family is not too normal, my dad has had Anxiety problems and My mom has had alcohol problems, and they also have a bad relationship with eachother due to eachothers problems. But honestly we grew up in a great enviroment and had a lot of good influences around us throughout life and our parents have been and continue to be amazing to us.

This past weekend my brother called me and was completely delusional and paranoid and did not make any sense. He started telling me stories about his friends and how he thought they were gay. He was so paranoia of it and told me he didnt trust any of them. I kept asking if he was on drugs for he did not make any sense and kept changing what he was saying. He said just pot. I thought he had taken something more. Me having my own experience with drugs thought he would be fine by the next day. However i received a call at 6am to him crying and saying he wants to go home, he doesnt want to feel like this any more. I talked to his roomates who were taking care of him, I then told him to take him to the emergency room which they did.

He went to the hospital, i called my parents and they immeaditly left to see him. The hospital drug tested his blood and urine but found nothing. He was still acting the same way. He told my dad later that he did crystal meth, then changed it to LSD, then saying he took "honesty". They put him on valium where he started to act somewhat normal again. he went home with my parents and slept where he woke up and then seemed to be normal. My dad started doing hw with him and then noticing he was starting to act delusional and high again. Today i got off the phone with my parents to find out that he is now in a mental hospital where they are trying to figure out what is wrong. He is apparently being suicidal and when my mom gave me the phone to talk to him he was still making no sense, talking about random things. His english and speaking skills were fine, just kept changing topics and making weird analogys. We are best friends and I love him. I dont knw how to react, my parents say that we have ahistory of panic attacks and anxiety. Citing examples from family members. But I feel like he is no longer Danny, somehow something in his brained changed him in a negative way. Do you know any where I can get information on something like this, or what it is called, i have searched the internet non stop and cant find anything. PLEASE HELP ME

Daniel has always been known as one of the happiest and most outgoing kids of my family and he honestly showed no signs....My parents and I were eating dinner with him last friday night and noticed nothing. He even came out to my fraternity's partys and had accepeted a bid to join. I am going to see him this thursday and am only praying that he gets better. THis has happened so quick and out of nowhere, Please PRAY FOR DANIEL, I MISS MY BROTHER, MY HAPPY RAY OF SUNSHINE!


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This is difficult. It is good that your brother is being evaluated in the hospital. It sounds like he has become psychotic for a time. This could easily be due to drugs he has taken. Certain drugs such as methampetamine can push anyone into psychosis if you take them too much. It can also be the case that drugs like marijuana can push people who are vulnerable to psychosis into an active psychosis process. This may be a temporary thing or not, but in any event, the worst of the psychosis will probably be controllable in large part with anti-psychotic medication as prescribed by a psychiatrist. This is frightening right now, but that he is in the hospital is the best thing that could occur at this moment. Please give this episode a little time to work itself out.


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hi this is Davis.Hello to all the members....

Yes there are many who are suffering from this drug addiction.Even i saw one of my friend lost his life to this Marijuana.So please i request all to please avoid cruel drugs.I'm also requesting authorities not to legalize this cruel drug

which takes precious lifes !!!!



Addiction Treatment

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good catch, John!

a Google search turns up at least 36 websites where this concerned message has been posted. (Results: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22also+requesting+authorities+not+to+legalize+this+cruel+drug%22&hl=en&safe=off&rls=com.microsoft:*:IE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7TSHB&filter=0 )

The web link in question is for a referral site, i.e. a poorly-designed website that makes money when people click on the links it contains. If you look at the related sites it links to, you can see they have nothing to do with drugs or mental health or any other cohesive topic--they are there just to collect web hits and make money for the spammer. (Unless you can figure out the common thread that links tanning beds, steel buildings, horseback riding, culinary schools and addiction treatment centers...? "The SuperPassword Plus is ________.")

Admin: if you remove the original spam message, feel free to remove this hijacking message as well. :P

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Hi John

I didn't mean the Davidwilson333 post. I meant the Mharris35 post. The first post. What happened to my brother!

I know I have defonately seen this post, word for word, written somewhere before?

Do you know, if I'm not wrong, I'm sure it was on this site. A few week ago. I only really spend a lot of time on this site, and I'm positive it was this site. If not, then it was another Mental Health site


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