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Advice for partner of a depressive?


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don't really know what to say

I have been together with an amazing person for 2 years now. I new she had major depression from very near the start. Whenever she has one of the events they are very traumatic (to both of us) and I find them incredibly draining to the point that my body kicks in a "zone out" and major tiredness kicks in. We see a counsellor regularly together, but does anyone have any advice for me on how to cope? I'm so in love with her and it really hurts to see her in such pain - especially when compared with the person I know she really is.

Hope some people can help



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Hi Mike

It sounds to me as though she could be suffering from Bipolar Disorder or Personality Swings (moods). Either way, she could be suffering several forms of Depression. Not to sound rude, but I'm not a Doctor!

Your best bet would be to take her to a Doctor and get her assessed. She needs help and maybe Medication. Her doctor will be able to tell if she needs specialist help or not. Meaning a Psychiatrist/Psychologist.

I suffer from Manic Depression myself, among other illnesses and I sympathies with you. I know what I'm like myself, when I start to go down.

You could do with looking up the information, that is available on this site. It will give you a good idea at what your dealing with. It's very informative and precise. Also, up to date.

First thing though, is to get her to see her Doctor. As soon as she has been diagnosed, the better.

Hope I've been of some help and good luck!


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