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Was enjoying life until family and friends started back on this kill all pedophile stuff I swear this really gets wish there where more people willing to go public that they are pedophiles and they have not done anything and are trying to get help. It seems we are at the roads where other mental illnesses where or even alcoholics and homosexual. Maybe those who suffer from this ill will be able to change public oppinion.

By all means those who act on these urges should go to jail but I am speaking of those of us who are in hell with our mind.

I accept what I am, I am a nonexclusive heterosexual pedophile who is doing everything he can to live his life as best he can. Note I am not nor will I ever support propedophilia groups.

If only there was a way to tell at the very least those around me without the risk to self and family or from family.

I know there are others like me and I hope you seek help as well.


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