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Increased Dose On Medication And It's Affect's


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I'm just inquiring over information needed.

I have been on Mertazaphine 30mg since July 2007.

I was diagnosed with Manic Depression, following an incident that I'd rather not go in to at this moment! I have already discussed these issues when I registered on this site and don't want to sound like a gramophone needle that has got stuck!

My Query is;I have been on Mertazaphine 30mg, since July 2007. The last time I seen my Psychiatrist, which was 3wks ago, I think? or it could of been 2wks ago, It doesn't matter when. He increased the dosage to 45mg. The maximum dose.

He did this in relation to my Depressive state. Also, that I suffer from Insomnia.

I am finding that now, I am feeling very withdrawn and tired throughout the day. The increased dosage is supposed to help my insomnia problems, but I am finding that, instead of making me sleep when I go to bed, it is taking it's affect in the middle of the day, which is causing me considerable problem's.

Don't get me wrong, it does help me sleep, but only for 3/4hrs a night. With me having difficulties sleeping, I tend to try and stay up as late as I can. So I take my Mertazapine about 2.30am. I am in bed for about 3.00am, but am awake and up about 7.00pm.

Around 2/3pm in the afternoon, I am finding it hard to keep awake! I fight it and stay awake but then it makes me feel tired again about 6.30pm. Which I also fight and keep awake.

I am a Voluntary worker for the Citizens Advice Bureau 2days a week. this increase in dosage of meds is causing me great problems in caring out my duties. In this role of work, the public come to you for legal advice on various subjects. You have got to have your Witt's about you, as any advice that is given has got to be as accurate to the Law, that is able to give.

I am finding that the affects of my meds, playing a toll on me through the day time, is causing me lack of concentration. Also, making small errors. (up to now) and this is something that I cannot afford to do.

I don't see my Psychiatrist again till November. I still have some of my Mertazaphine 30mg left. Would I be able to switch back to the 30mg, or do I have to stay on the 45mg that is prescribed to me.

I don't know if making an Appointment to see my G.P will help? Can he lesson my dose, without my Psychiatrist permission and put me back on the 30mg, what I had before?

Your advice would be very much appreciated in this difficult situation that I am facing. Other than that, I will just not take them, but am a bit worried over the affects that I could suffer by just coming of them and not taking anything at all. (having a relapse)

Oh! I forgot to mention. I also take Dicloflex 50mg, 3x times a day for pain.


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Hi Paula,

are you able to make a sooner appt. with the pdoc because of the side effects, I think the longer between appt. thing is if everything is going well but if a issue comes up mabe you can get one to discuss this sooner, I wouldn't continue at this dose if you are not happy with it but if you can't see the pdoc then for sure see your GP about it ASAP and before you change the dose back to the 30 Don't change it without a dr. knowing I'd say. Hope it go's well, and gets back on track for you, take care;)

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Cheers Forgeting for getting back. GLAD SOMEONE DID!

My best bet would be to get in touch with my G.P I think.

What has made it worst is. When I went to see my Psychiatrist and he upped my dose from 30mg, to maximum dose of 45mg. He written me a Prescription there and then for 3wks supply. He informed me that, he had only given me 3wks supply because, he said that would give him enough time to sort all the paper work out, and change the dosage at my own G.P's.

The problem that I'm facing now is: That I forgot to re-order my Prescription from the Doctor's and I've ran out of my 45mg. The day is Saturday and they don't open again till Monday, so I don't know what to do really?

I've got no alternative but to take the 30mg. At least I will be taking something. Better than taking nothing at all.

Will have to see how I am. Only time will tell!


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