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disappearing attempted post


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sometimes when I try and post my message will for whatever reason not be aloud some mistake will happen and it is gone and it is hard because it takes me a long time to type a message and so I can't remember what all I wrote and how nor do I have the patience to re-write again. One time I tryed to re-write and it happend again so I just could not try again. It is hard because it always seems to happen on all my sensitive posts the ones that say a bit more about some struggles I'm having I'm starting to think I'm not ment to share this info:confused:

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Hi Forgeting

This has happened to me a few times. I think I know what has happened though?

When your typing and you start a word that begins with a capital letter, instead of pressing the caps lock key, you have probably pressed the shift key that is directly underneath the caps lock key.

Or it could be that you have pressed the enter key instead of the delete key above it, which means that your input has finished.

You are probably pressing a key by mistake and not knowing it, which deletes your input.


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I think part of this sort of loss has to do with the nature of web sessions. This website runs on PHP (a scripting language), and PHP web sessions run for about 24 or 25 minutes. Meaning that if you don't interact with the server by reloading pages every 25 minutes or so, you get "logged out" - the server erases the record of your log in and then when you submit your post, there is no context for it and it dissappears.

The best thing I can suggest to you which will work if my explaination is correct or not is to write your posts in a text editor and then copy/paste it in here. That way you can save a copy of it and if there is a problem when you submit your post is not lost. :cool:

Hope this helps!

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Hi Forgeting

Guess what? I was half way through a post when the inevitable happened? You've guessed. It disappeared.

I was livid! Not only did it take me a bit to type out this post, but alot of thought went into it as well.

Because I was cursing and swearing, forgetting that my son was in the next room, he actually came in to see what the commotion was all about.

I explained what had happened. That I had typed my post, only to lose it through no fault of my own!

Well he looked at me and said that it was not a problem and he got my post back! I asked him how he did it and he explained that, if it happens again, then just press the forward page button on the screen, with my mouse.


I'm afraid my son couldn't explain why it does this. I hope this has helped you.

Paula x:eek:

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This has happened on a couple of times to me before today. Today I wrote a few replies first getting the error, then saying it was being sent to a moderator and one actually posted (keeping my fingers crossed this is number 2 posted). Each time was a different thread, like you, I do not like to retype the message. I sometimes give up on posting, I get frustrated. Though, I always come back! :P

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Forgeting, it is my experience that if one does not click on that little box "Remember Me?" when you first log in, you will not remain logged in, as Dr. Dombeck has stated. So when I have not clicked that box and I am in the middle of a message, I have been lucky enough to be asked to log in again and do, and in the end my message is still there. It is always there every time. So far.

It is also my experience that if you are sure to check that little box "Remember Me?" during each of your logins, that the post will get published.

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I, too, have had posts disappear, much to my frustration. I am not a good typist so it takes me forever (relatively speaking) to retype something. :P

I don't like to check the "remember me" option from work since other folks occassionally use my computer and I am concerned that this could allow them to return to this site and post under my login.

The next time the disappearing post thing happens I will try Paula's idea of clicking the forward arrow in my browser (is this the same as the "forward page" button Paula referred to ?)

My guess is, that because I am a poor typist, I hit some random key that causes my post to disappear. :( Paula has the advantage over me in that she has a child to help her with this stuff.


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The next time the disappearing post thing happens I will try Paula's idea of clicking the forward arrow in my browser (is this the same as the "forward page" button Puala referred to ?)

I missed that part of her post. Thank you. Yes that is good, hadn't thought of that. With my browser I have it set to clear all data upon exiting so clicking on "Remember Me?" works for me. To each their own I guess. :P

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