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sick of this


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i just get so sick of my illness. not my counselor says she thinks im bipolar but i go to pdoc soon. i feel like everybody here at my house watches my every move, and constantly walking on eggshells. do you know how that feels? like im an oddity or somethihng.

im diagnosed MDD recurring severe, with psycosis. sometimes i just want to be locked up for the rest of my life. im just so sick of being the one everybody watches . does anybody else go thru this at ur house/A?A?/a????

no wonder i get so suicidal. i feel like im a caged animal being watched. I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Guest ASchwartz


I may have already asked you this or you may have already told us, so please forgive me if I'm repeating, but, are you in psychotherapy?? Do you speak to anyone. PDoc is fine but you also need someone to speak to.


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ASchwartz, I go to an LPC not psychotherpy . plus i hit alot of groups by our MHMR people. im really trying so hard. but thinking im not on right meds. ill ask in a couple of weeks what my pdoc thinks.

sedsed, im sorry for your sistuation. but u kinda know what im dealing with. its hard huh. dont hide your cutting hon, let somebody help you k? one think i HAVE figured out, is the more i hide, the more i hurt. hugs to you sesed

thanks to both of yall for your replys.

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