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[!] FYI: discussion of pedophilic urges in sexuality forum


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Hi all,

This is a "for your information" message so that people are aware.

A member has started a thread in our Sexuality / Sexual Issues forum regarding pedophilic urges he experiences. This is obviously a very disturbing topic for most all people so please avoid this material if you might find it disturbing. I am restricting discussion to talk about feelings, not urges, and just as is the case with regard to self-injury or violence or suicide, no graphic depictions are allowed.

I'm working off the assumption, the "benefit of the doubt", that there is a good person mixed in with the unacceptable urges. This may not be the case, but until we are proven otherwise, let's at least see if that can be the case. The fellow says he is lonely, and who can't relate to that. We can perhaps "love" the "sinner" even as we completely reject the "sin" (if I may borrow a phrase from Christianity).

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I totally agree on what you have written. I believe all or most people born, are born good. I have gotten in many heated discussions on people that hurt children or are sadistic, and kill people out of "urges" that they have. I think that it must be very hard on that person to have these obsessions, and the feelings of guilt,shame that go with that must be intense. Like others here, he is reaching out for help and all human beings deserve to be understood and heard. Help.

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