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Hey hows it going im new to this forum and I was just wondering, if anyone else is suffering from schizophrenia, I have had it for about 7 months, I hear voices, its weird though, its like messing with someones presence and then they end up talking to me and crap, its really weird, I dont advise this, but anyway, it seems tougher now to get rid of these so called voices, my doctor said its just about a chemical imbalance in my brain, but anyway I think so differently. I think it might be different now it seems everyone has the holy spirit, I even get voices saying the cops are coming to pick you up and stuff like that and it seems the voices are real people, I keep screwing up, I just wanted to know if anyone else is having similar complications, but anyway God Bless. Im taking Zyprexa 20mg by the way.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Coreyn12,

Welcome to this forum. Yes, lots of people here have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and a variety of other mental illnesses. In this forum, hearing voices is a frequent occurence for many of our member. Yes, it is true that voices can be caused by a chemical imbalance.

How are you coping?


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I often hear voices as well, and see things that other people don't see. I believe I have schizo-affective disorder(connected to asperger's syndrome, and have symptoms). Though I haven't had a recent medical check-up. I have to do all the research on my own. Try listening to Bullet For My Valentine at high volume. That takes out the voices. Always have concentrated better with music... Along with fighting my visions I see, hitting/stabbing my punching bag.

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Usually it's one other person in my head constantly talking. Sometimes 2 voices are screaming at each other, but I can't understand any of it. I can acknowledge just not understand it. Their is no real(permanent) way to get over it. Atleast you were told you had a mental disorder. I had to find the mental medical papers...

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Guest ASchwartz


The voices and visual hallucinations you experience must be awful for you. Are you being treated by a psyciatrist? There is real help for these symptoms. Medications can lower the volume of the voices and the visions or even remove them.


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Aaron, I have got the same thing going on with me and I think I know where you are coming from. I want to wait till I'm out of high school to take medicine too, but in severe cases it may be foolish to wait. I'm only saying that you should look at your situation and ask yourself: "Can I control this". This basically means are you in control of the situation. Do you have urges to harm yourself or others and if so can you refrain from doing so. Do the voices tell you to hurt other people? Mine do, I just wanted to know. If they do you've got to tell them no. That's what I do, I tell the demon inside me no all of the time.

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Hello coreyn,

People who hear voices seem to find relief, understanding and insight through a variety of different approaches. The approach that might be best for you will probably be influenced by what you believe about the voices you hear.

To help explain what I mean by that, here's some examples of what other people have had to say about hearing voices and why they believe they do.

Some people believe...

  • The voices are a direct result of an abnormality or disorder within their brain. These people seem to find the most relief and comfort by using pharmaceutical approaches. [see note below.]
  • The voices are a part of themselves that is seeking expression. These people seem to find the most relief and comfort using psychotherapeutic approaches.
  • The voices are coming from real entities that are often evil and spiritual in nature. These people often find comfort in spiritual approaches, such as saying a prayer or imagining themselves being protected by a spiritual figure such as Christ, Buddha, or Krishna.

Those are just three examples of what people believe and there are probably other examples, but you can see each belief is quite different from one another. Obviously, someone who believes their voices arise from a chemical imbalance is not going to find comfort in the thought of praying or talking to a therapist. This is why it can be helpful to know what people believe about the cause of their voices.

Anyway, I say as much because it might be helpful for you to think about what you believe and then seek out the treatment you think will be most helpful and comforting to you. There is no reason why you can't make use of multiple approaches if you feel it would be helpful.

What might also be helpful is to connect with some sort of support group, online or off, that is comprised of other voice hearers because the people who have these experiences are the ones who know best how to overcome or learn to cope with them. They are the best experts and you can learn a great deal from them. One organization you could check out privately and at your own discretion is intervoiceonline.org.

Best of luck.

~ Namaste

[it's important to know that many people who make use of medication as part of their treatment report finding relief from voices however there is no guarantee that your voices will go away because individual response to medications varies by individual. For some people, their voices are only minimized. For others, there is no relief at all.]

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