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Rushing demonic faces hallucinations?


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When I was about 15 I used to get these weird hallucinations at night, where lots of small demonic, snarling faces would rush at me from all directions. They were see through, and looked a bit like one of those holographic stickers.

I dont get them anymore, but I have recently started to wonder what causes them.

So I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me what they are.

Thanx :D

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I don't what they are, but I'm 15 and I feel like sometimes there are faces rushing up upon me. Or someone watching me or something like that.

Not demonic.

Personally I think I'm paranoid.

Do you think you were paranoid? Perhaps, it was something spiritual.

Hope you are well. : ]

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Hi, they can be caused by all sorts of things, the main reason is a chemical inbalance in the brain. This can cause hallucinations of all types, i used to feel like i was being strangled at night!

What makes a hallucination what it is (EG: Why faces not cats etc), i don't know. I believe it may work in a similar way to how dreams are formed.

I hope i've helped you a little! :)

Take Care, Jack.

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