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Went to docs


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Went to docs last Friday and wanted to report back.

total thing took 5 hours.

First they interview my wife and I separate her in another room with just one doc. Me in room with one way mirror and about 5 docs behind it and two docs asking questions. All the questions are about your life as best you can remember. They ask some questions that are really hard to answer out loud. I figured since it cost $600 I should just say everything and get it over with.

Then we ate lunch while they discussed options.

after about an hour and half we met with three. Including a specialist who labeled me with Heterosexual Pedophilia he thinks the best way to handle this is with depo vera so I now have to go get a bunch of blood tests to see if I am healthy enough to use depo. I am also going to start attending meeting he has with other pedophiles and people with other sexual issues.

Thanks for all the support you guys give me.

All this gives me hope that I will be able to control my urges.


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depo provera is a form of contraception injection for women but is also used for men who have offended or at risk of offending as a form of chemical castration. Statistically it has reduced recidivism greatly. It lowers the sex drive in men by interfering with the activity of testosterone.

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Guest GingerSnap

Clown: Thank you for sharing this. It touched my heart that you have moved forward in this way and you should feel proud that you recognized the issue and stepped up to get control of it - not many people are up to that task. Wishing you continued strength and that you find peace. :D

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