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[!] FYI: discussion of pedophilic urges in sexuality forum


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Hi all,

This is a "for your information" message so that people are aware.

A member has started a thread in our Sexuality / Sexual Issues forum regarding pedophilic urges he experiences. This is obviously a very disturbing topic for most all people so please avoid this material if you might find it disturbing. I am restricting discussion to talk about feelings, not urges, and just as is the case with regard to self-injury or violence or suicide, no graphic depictions are allowed.

I'm working off the assumption, the "benefit of the doubt", that there is a good person mixed in with the unacceptable urges. This may not be the case, but until we are proven otherwise, let's at least see if that can be the case. The fellow says he is lonely, and who can't relate to that. We can perhaps "love" the "sinner" even as we completely reject the "sin" (if I may borrow a phrase from Christianity).

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i'm not sure what i can and cannot write or if i should have created a new thread or anything but recently i've been having feelings for young girls and all these urges it's been driving me nuts i don't mind if you don't responde or anything i just wanted to tell someone these emotions and who wouldn't judge me too bad i've always restrained my self from any behaviour but it's hard and i haven't got the guts to talk to a doctor

please help


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Ponyboy... No judgement here... but please do not act on the urges. If you do you will destroy a childs life and you may end up in jail and destroy your life also. Feelings are feelings. Thoughts are thoughts.... just Please do not act on them. I think it would do you good to find a trusted doctor to talk to. Someone that can help you to deal with the underlying reason for these feelings. AND be careful who you confide in.


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thanks for getting back i will always try to suppress my urges since i have already lived with that experience and it's not pleasant, i wouldn't want to put anyone through that.


Hi Ponyboy,

I am absolutely no therapist or shrink, but it is my understanding that suppressing your feelings might be even worse, IMO. I mean, what if this need is not taken care of? It just builds. Perhaps there are other ways of coping with these urges. Like anger, if it is ignored one can just explode in a rage and lose control. The idea is not to lose control.

Let's say one saw a young girl. He felt something and then had thoughts about it. Is it not possible for a person to challenge these thoughts with himself, through writing or thinking it through in his head, thus minimizing or eliminating the bad feelings that might result in something happening to the young girl?

Thoughts generate feelings. see girl ---> have thoughts ----> take action or work it out in one's own thinking.

I may be totally off base here. Just my .02 cents worth.... :P:o

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