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Just to bring you all up to speed if you don't know me very well on the forums, i was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. About 8 years ago i suffered PTSD after a tarumatic event and 3 years later when it was treated i ended up with bipolar disorder which has got worse and worse until here i am now, not currently being treated with anything and got to wait for 2 more weeks before i can even get a treatment plan sorted out.

So here is the problem...

I posted before a while ago about 'seizure' like things i was getting, i had a medical check and they were determined they were not epilepsy.

I since found out they are actually called tics, i often get this urge and end up violently and uncontrollably jerking my head until i go dizzy, also my arms, legs and whole body sometimes suffers the same violent 'jerking'. I often can't breath during this process which makes it worse and while only short (max 30secs to 1min), it is highly uncomfortable (and now means i'm afraid to go out in case it happens).

Any idea what this is? Is it linked to the bipolar or is it another medical condition? Has anyone else had this?

And perhaps most importantly, what can i do about it?

I'm really suffering now and running out of excuses to make myself leave the house, if it happened in public i'd feel destroyed.

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Hi FromThe Moon,

I was treated using Catapres (clonidine) on a course of that and CBT for 3 years before i recovered. I don't know if there is a link, i haven't read of any link yet.

I’m not a doctor but this doesn’t sound like tics to me. I've never heard of tics involving getting dizzy or not being able to breath.

Well i'm not sure, i did tell these symptoms to my doctor who called them tics, whether or not they are i have no idea. He does think they are psychological though (could also be some sort of brain damage? who knows...)

Thanks for your reply, take care yourself too...

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